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According to the data and stats that were collected, 'Ayurvedic Upchar' channel has an excellent rank. Despite such a rank, the feed was last updated more than a year ago. The channel mostly uses long articles along with sentence constructions of the intermediate readability level, which is a result that may indicate difficult texts on the channel, probably due to a big amount of industrial or scientific terms.

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Ayurvedic Upchar|Ayurvedic treatment- A natural healing system, that truly stood the test of time.

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'Ayurvedic Upchar' provides mostly long articles which may indicate the channel’s devotion to elaborated content.



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'Ayurvedic Upchar' contains materials of advanced readability level, which are probably targeted at a smaller group of subscribers savvy on the subject of the channel.



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'Ayurvedic Upchar' contains more negatively biased articles than positive or neutral ones (e.g. it may include some critical or negatively biased opinions on the subjects addressed on the channel).



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Ayurvedic Medicine For Uric Acid

[...] In various studies it has been found that foods rich in uric acid play an important role in the development and aggravation of diseases such as gout. In [...]

Ayurvedic Medicine for Bad Breath

[...] of the teeth. These drugs are usually used locally as a powdered toothpaste or mouthwash. Ayurvedic herbs for bad breath work in several ways. Herbs that help your digestive system to eliminate [...]

Ayurvedic Medicine For Depression

[...] . There is less communication between neurons in the brain, which leaves the person slowly. Ayurvedic Herbs for Depression 1.Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri): This is one of the most effective forms of [...]

Ayurvedic Medicine For Obesity

[...] . 7.Adapt a regular exercise regimen is intended for weight loss. Walk for at least 30 Ayurvedic Herbs for obesity 1. Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia): Guduchi is an indigenous Indian herb is not [...]

Ayurvedic Medicine For High Cholesterol

[...] liver disorders and diabetes, family history of heart disease, and hereditary lipid disorder. Ayurvedic Herbs for High Cholesterol Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna) : Arjuna is a coronary vasodilator. This [...]

Ayurvedic Medicine For Fever

[...] it by enough immune power. AYURVEDIC REMEDIES FOR FEVER Fasting: It strengthens the digestive system and eliminates AMA which in turn cleans the channels throughout the body. A strong person [...]

Ayurvedic Medicine For Gastric Problem

[...] that reduce the heat in the stomach the root of the stud is effective in reducing the digestive system hyper-acidity. 5.Ginger (Zingiber officinale) :  Extract of ginger is effective in [...]

Ayurvedic Medicine For Jaundice

[...] diseases. Ayurvedic Herbs for Jaundice 1.Dandelion: This herb is a tonic for the liver and digestive system. Add the dandelion to your salads or cooked vegetables. You can also take this herb as a tea [...]

Ayurvedic Medicine For Obesity

[...] such as mango, papaya, ginger, pineapple and bitter melons, etc., will help strengthen the digestive system, which leads to improved weight management. 3.Drink hot water all day to flush toxins from [...]

Ayurvedic Medicine For Irregular Menstruation

[...] menstruation 1.Carrot seeds: Carrot seeds mixed with saunth (dried ginger) is very effective home remedy for treating irregular menstruation. 2.Papaya : Papaya is obliging in treating menstrual [...]

Ayurvedic Medicine For Snoring

[...] water, drain and drink to stop snoring. This is another well known effective home remedy for snoring. 6) When you sleep, you should have your head in the raised position. This [...]

Ayurvedic Medicine For Jaundice

[...] also be used in case if you do not find liffa bitter. 2.Green leaves of radish: Another effective home remedy for the treatment of jaundice, the green leaves of radish. can be use by crushing the [...]

Ayurvedic Medicine For Joint Pain

[...] joints to relieve pain in them. 5. Celery (Apium graveolens):Celery can be used as an effective treatment for rheumatism and gout, both of which can cause joint pain. Therefore, celery provides a [...]

Ayurvedic Medicine For Piles

[...] leafy vegetables is supposed to take by the patient. Traditional Ayurveda offers effective treatment for hemorrhoids. Dietary  plan for hemorrhoids : Since hemorrhoids are usually [...]

Ayurvedic Medicine For Snoring

[...] . You should know the exact cause of snoring before going to natural remedies for effective treatment. Ginger: It is very beneficial and effective in the treatment of respiratory problems. [...]

Ayurvedic Medicine For Uric Acid

[...] for Uric Acid Reduction Papaya: Bromelain is an enzyme that is found in papaya is an effective treatment for inflammatory pain. Cherry Juice: Drinking cherry juice is an effective way to treat [...]

Ayurvedic Medicine For Female Infertility

[...] 35-40% of infertility in general. Treatment depends on the specific cause identified. Ayurvedic herbal treatment  for female infertility are explained below. Ovulation disorder is the most common [...]

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Ayurvedic Medicine For Uric Acid

[...] In various studies it has been found that foods rich in uric acid play an important role in the development and aggravation of diseases such as gout. In [...]

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