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According to the data and stats that were collected, 'Marketing insights' channel has a mediocre rank. The feed was last updated more than a year ago. In addition 'Marketing insights' includes a significant share of images in comparison to the text content. The channel mostly uses long articles along with sentence constructions of the advanced readability level, which is a result that may indicate difficult texts on the channel, probably due to a big amount of industrial or scientific terms.

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Attract. Engage. Convert. Marketing in the 21st century.

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'Marketing insights' provides mostly long articles which may indicate the channel’s devotion to elaborated content.



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'Marketing insights' contains materials of advanced readability level, which are probably targeted at a smaller group of subscribers savvy on the subject of the channel.



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'Marketing insights' contains texts with mostly positive attitude and expressions (e.g. it may include some favorable reviews or words of devotion to the subjects addressed on the channel).



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[...] and the groups that are considered to be most likely to respond are targeted through a marketing action, e.g. mailed preferentially. Neural networks, however, do not segment data into disjoint [...]

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[...] & costs p.u. Not setting up conversions for sales or enquiries so that ROI of this marketing action can be measured? No conversion tracking? Not understanding the profit margins and marketing [...]

Online consumer behavior modeling

[...] interactivity with the brand. But how do we, marketers, approach the construct "online consumer behavior" in the first place? As suggested by Douglas et al. (1994), strong theoretical and [...]

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Target markets and ANN

[...] . A product offer would then be made to those people who are considered to be in the market segment for which the product was meant. Automation segmentation techniques have been used to [...]

Capitalistic materialism and happiness; an holistic approach

[...] , or intentional positive behaviors and cognitions. Genetic factors, such as genes and personality traits, account for a large percentage of the variation in between-subject well-being, but they [...]

New Brand Assets: Where are we going?

[...] attributes including: sexual orientation, ethnicity, religious and political views, personality traits, intelligence, happiness, use of addictive substances, parental separation, age, and gender. [...]

Intro to Data Mining for Marketers - Part 1

[...] image/attributes and the customer emotional benefits that are tied to psychological needs, personality traits, and personal values. Thus, data mining can enable us to understand more completely how [...]

International Marketing - A Cultural Metaphor for Greece

[...] Within the field of international marketing, cross-cultural consumer behavior, organization and management studies, Prof. Martin J. [...]

International Marketing - A Cultural Metaphor for Greece (Part 2)

Agon When it comes to Agon, we refer to the manner the comedy-like activities are performed in the daily life of the Greeks. Agon refers to the forma [...]

Intro to Data Mining for Marketers - Part 1

[...] of needs and preferences, a simple, solid approach is meant to be a tool for performing market segmentation: divide the total market, choose the best segments, and design strategies for profitability [...]

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[...] will be discovered by the next stage of data discovery. Patterns & Market Segmentation Since there are so many ways we, human beings, are different, it should [...]

Target markets and ANN

[...] services. Target marketing tailors a marketing mix for one or more segments identified by market segmentation and usually contrasts with mass marketing, depending on the industry, the competition, the [...]

Competitive dynamics for marketing strategists

[...] , in these circumstances, is inevitably partial and uneven. For most of their time, marketing managers use intuition and experience to analyze and handle the complex, and unique, situations [...]

Econometric models of advertising

[...] ).The reason may be that expenditures on these variables seem the most discretionary, so marketing managers are most concerned abouthow they manage these variables. The basic philosophy underlying [...]

Monozukuri for Sustainable Brands in the 21st Century

[...] for each organization may lead our audience in the brand story and its actions. Marketing strategists should always perceive and apply Monozukuri in the optimum way to genuinely connect [...]

Competitive dynamics for marketing strategists

Time for strategic decisions. Strategic marketing primarily revolves around the application of a great deal of common-sense. Dealing with a limited n [...]

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