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According to the data and stats that were collected, 'Tarou WoW Guides' channel has an excellent rank and belongs to Walkthroughs and Guides category. Despite such a rank, the feed was last updated more than a year ago. The channel mostly uses long articles along with sentence constructions of the basic readability level, which is a result indicating a well-balanced textual content on the channel.

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Long articles are widely used on 'Tarou WoW Guides' as elaborated and interesting content can help the channel to reach a high number of subscribers. In addition there are a few medium length articles.



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'Tarou WoW Guides' mostly contains texts of a basic readability level which may show their aim to reach a wider audience. Besides, there are a smaller number of articles of intermediate readability.



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Positive emotional expressions prevail throughout the texts: they may include favorable reviews, appreciation or praise in regard to the subjects addressed on the channel. However, the channel also contains some rather negative or critical records that make up just a small amount of all its content.



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